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   Useful Information for Buyers

What should a buyer keep in mind while purchasing a residential apartment?

  • Locality – Proximity to workplace, educational institutions, hospitals, shopping areas, entertainment center, transportation, pollution levels.
  • Quoted area of the flat i.e. Carpet, Built Up and Super Built Up Area
  • Car parking space
  • Quality of construction
  • Reputation of the builder or seller
  • Sufficient water and electric supply and other utilities
  • Cost components like price, stamp duty, registration charges, transfer fees, maintenance charges and other payments
  • Appreciation of the property for resale and rental
  • Other distinguishing features or advantages of the property

Carpet Area, Built-Up Area and Super Built-Up Area?

Carpet Area is the area enclosed within the walls, actual area to lay the carpet. Carpet Area is the total usable area enclosed within the four walls of an apartment or commercial space. It refers to the actual area over which a carpet can be laid if required by the owners. It does not include the thickness of the inner walls.

Built-Up Area is the carpet area plus the thickness of outer walls and the balcony.

Super Built - Up Area is the built up area in addition to the proportionate area of common areas such as the lobby, lifts shaft, stairs, etc. The plinth area along with a share of all common areas proportionately divided amongst all unit owners make up the Super Built-Up area. At times it may also include the common areas such, swimming pool, garden, clubhouse, etc. The term is therefore only applicable in the case of multi-dwelling units.

How can knowing the Carpet Area, Built-Up Area and Super Built-Up Area of a flat help in the purchase of an apartment?

The break-up of areas is extremely essential as builders can have a loading factor between 10% to 40% on the built up area to calculate saleable area. It would then imply that if the area is quoted as 1,000 sq ft super built up area, the carpet area could be anywhere from just 600 sq ft to 900 sq ft. If this break up is not mentioned in the agreement, then the buyer should demand that the vendor/ builder mention it in the sale deed.

Should I inspect a property before buying it?

It is definitely important to inspect the property before purchase as probably it is one of the largest single investment made by most buyers. It is crucial to know all the details of the property and ascertain need for any major repairs / modifications before it is purchased. It is easy to crosscheck the commitment made by builder and actual implementation if a pre-purchase inspection has been carried out. A close inspection points out the positive and negative aspects of the property, as well as the maintenance that will be necessary to keep it in good shape.

Few important points to check while inspection are:

  • Plumbing systems, drainage, water faucets and sanitary fittings.
  • Electrical systems, circuit breakers, wires, capacity of the electric meter and functioning of light fittings.
  • Roof, walls, ceilings, floors, paint work.
  • Foundation, basement and visible structures.
  • Doors and windows, latches, locks.
  • Structural stability of the building.

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